Hi, I'm Josh Chaiken!

I express myself through

Web Design

Simple. Straightforward. Minimalistic.

JOSUBU Productions

Josubu is a portfolio-style website that highlights the latest work by Jon Budine.

The website has seen many iterations, and is constantly being updated to provide the latest reels.

Josubu.com is a fully immersive website that features an intense collection of videos, and image galleries. The website relies on the latest web development technologies to provide quick loading times between pages, and blazing fast video buffering speeds

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Sam Grinberg Portfolio

A complete minimalistic rebranding aproach was taken while redesigning Sam's portfolio. The main achievement of this project was to create a completely custom web page while remaining incredibly dynamic and easy to modify with only a few lines of additional code.

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Delivering a unique music expierience for music lovers.

The project is still under heavy development, but consists of two aspects; The Promotional Page, and the Application.

The promotional page is live and currently accepting sign ups. It provides an immersive and simple experience. It makes use of background playing videos, and connects to MailChimp through the custom form.

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Minimal App Template

An open source, minimal template to promote your app.

The template includes many customization options out of the box, including different market badgets, and different phone borders.

The project is completely open source.

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Portray unique experiences through multimedia formats.


After his life takes a turn for the worst, a desolate man is faced with a difficult decision and brought through an experience of a lifetime.

The film has been nominated and screened for 2 film festivals; The Online Film Fest, and The Multiverse Film Festival in New York City.

In a World (Radio Commercial)

The commercial was created to promote the Rowan Radio Rock Show through a light hearted movie-style trailer.

The commercial was nominated for the Rowan RTF Media Fest 2014, and was broadcasted on Rowan's radio to promote their rock music block.

Seasons: A Local Band Documentary

Seasons is a dedicated, local band, and destined to make it big. This is the story of a challenge the band runs into and how they prove their commitment to the band.

The audio documentary was nominated and awarded "Best Audio Documentary" as part of the Rowan RTF Media Fest 2014.


Macros. Landscapes. Nature.